DFW Submission Grappling Tournament Series

If you've ever done a Jiu-Jitsu Tournament you know how much of an investment of time and money that is involved.  Our goal is to provide a tournament that takes less time and provides many more matches.   By acting as a matchmaking service we will pair you with other opponents at a time and date that is convenient and doesn't take all day.  If you are interested in competing with us please fill out the form below and we will contact you.  Filling out the form does not guarantee that you will be matched up. we will not contact you if we do not have opponents for you. 


-IBJJF rules will be enforced for all Gi Matches

-EBI rules will be used for No-Gi Matches

-No lower leg attacks for Children less than 14 years of age. 

Event Dates

January 27 @DFW Submission Grappling 12801 Harmon Rd #145 Fort Worth, Tx 76177

-$20 dollar Entry for all Competitors

-No Medals First place wins 2x's their entry fee.